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From: Linda Upton []
Sent: Wednesday, 20 July 2011 7:52 AM
To: Garry Upton (
Subject: FW: Prayers for the passing away of Dr Ray Whiteman


Dear Colleagues


I am sad to say that Dr Ray Whiteman  passed away yesterday morning. Ray was Principal (Br Ray Whiteman) of St Columbanís College at Albion from 1962- 1967 and is very fondly remembered by many past students. Ray was renowned for leading the College in a very dynamic way, taking it to new heights. He was also a man of great faith. Our sympathies and prayers are with his wife Anne and family. The legacy of his work and spirit at St Columbanís is there forever.


Kind Regards



Ann Rebgetz



St Columbanís College

POBox 1254  I  100 McKean Street

Caboolture Qld 4510

Ph  07 5495 3111  I  Fax 07 5495 3211


The comments below are part of an article written by Saint Columbanís College Historian Pat OíShea.

Patís address is:

52 Royal Street


Telephone (07) 3260 7384


Ray Whiteman is one of a rare breed of men.  He is an idealist who believes in truth, justice, compassion and a fair go for all.  He believes in the innate goodness of people who are created in the image of a loving God, and that if they are led by example and encouraged, they will perform miracles.  This was what happened at St. Columbanís Albion when he became Principal.  He trusted the parents, gave them their head and they did the rest.  A miracle happened and the impossible was made possible. 


Rayís life has been a constant battle against overwhelming odds and he has never given up, he has always accepted the challenge, and won, mostly.  He is a fighter and he fights for what he believes.  This usually involves the welfare of others, students, parents, friends, relatives, neighbours.  Love of neighbour is important and treating others as self, likewise. The Golden Rule always shines through, even though the students could not always see it. 


Among the challenges Ray has faced are:

  • The challenge of poverty in his childhood and youth, where he had the example of his mother to show him how it was beaten.   

  • The challenge of being a Christian Brother who was always expected to teach boys whatever subject they needed to be taught wherever they needed to be taught, where he had the example of numerous Brothers to show him how to succeed.  

  • The challenge of reforming the Religious Education in a school system, where he had the example of Edmund Rice to show him how it could be done. 


Ray has not finished yet; he is fighting one more battle.  The cancer is not going to beat him. His spirit is undimmed and he has the example of Christ to show him how he can win, again.


These comments were written by Pat O'Shea in relation to Ray's battle with Multiple Myeloma diagnosed in 1996. Ray beat that cancer but now, in 2011, his health is threatened on a number of fronts and he knows he cannot win this time.

Terry Fogarty

11 May 2011