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  1. The table below contains data for the same number of people.

  2. The "Rolls" figures are for the number of people who served in South Vietnam.

  3. The "Service Details" represent the number of times people served in South Vietnam.

  4. So if someone served twice they would be counted once in the "Rolls" section and twice in the "Service Details".

  5. This simply reflects how the nominal roll was constructed.

  6. Within the Excel file hyperlinked below the table the data is further subdivided into the three separate services - Army, Navy, and RAAF


Rolls Totals Service Details Totals  
Army 41,545 Army 58,669  
Navy 12,503 Navy 16,879  
RAAF 4,676 RAAF 5,309  
Totals 58,724   80,857  
Numbers identified Total War STC Percentage of served STC Possible
Vietnam 58,724 25 0.0426%  
WW2 993,000 220   423
Korea 17,000 0   7


Nominal Mortal Essentials.xls <-- This file contains an earlier version  of the Nominal Roll of Australia's Vietnam Veterans


  1. Using "Microsoft Access" the Excel file above can be matched with the STC database to determine STC Past Students who are listed on the Nominal Roll.

  2. Vietnam Veterans can request to not be listed on the Nominal Roll although only a few have made this request.


For a variety of reasons students' details from the College "Enrolment Registers" have never been compared with details contained in the "Nominal Rolls" for the various wars and/or armed conflicts in which Australia has participated.

In the table above I've used known figures for our Vietnam Veterans to calculate a percentage of the Saint Columban's  participation in relation to the total Australian participation and applied this percentage to the total Australian participation in World War 2 and the Korean War. Whilst the "STC Possible" figures (bottom of right hand column) may not be accurate they do indicate that the College's records are most likely understated.

Technological advances in recent decades has made the task of doing these comparisons easier. But there is still a large amount of work required. Armies use large numbers of people all performing similar tasks to accomplish big tasks. With a student population of approximately 900 the college is similar, numerically at least, to an Army Infantry Battalion.

Checking, say, five entries per student would check 4,500 entries.

But the "College Community" (Present Students, Parents, and Past Students) is considerably larger. There is no reason that the wider "College Community" could not participate.

Essential requirements from the "College Registers" are:

  • Last Name (Surname)

  • First Name (Christian Name)

  • Second Name (Christian Name)

  • Date of birth

In most cases that will allow correct matching of names from the "College Registers" with details on the "Nominal Rolls" for World War 2, Korea, and Vietnam. Hyperlink to "Nominal Rolls" is in the left hand menu which has a light blue background.

Dates of Birth from 1960 or earlier should be sufficient for this exercise.

Many of the present students will have relatives, or neighbours, who are veterans. They will be able to research their details.



From perspective of:

  1. Declining number of veterans to March on Anzac Day

  2. Benefits of participation by students, present and past

  3. Benefits for college and community

  • Participation by Saint Columban's students, in local Anzac Day Parades has significantly increased in recent years.

  • That's no surprise, when you consider that slightly more than one in five surviving veterans in Queensland live in the Longman Federal electorate or neighbouring electorates,

  • Saint Columban's has a significant military history - but it has been a well kept secret.

  • With the advent of the technological age there is an opportunity to discover and document this military history.

  • Veterans are dying out - the last reasonably sized group are the Vietnam Veterans and they are 60 years of age or older.

  • The future of Anzac Day Parades will depend on participation by groups such as Saint Columban's.

  • Banners

  • Campaign Medals

  • Frames



Conflict Start Year End Year No Personnel
Boer War 1899 1902 16,000
WW1 1914 1918 330,000
WW2 1939 1945 993,000
Malayan Emergency 1948 1960 7,000
Brunei 1965 1965 38
Borneo 1965 1965 3,177
Korean War 1950 1956 17,000
Vietnam War 1962 1975 50,000
Indonesian Confrontation 1962 1968  
Gulf War 1990 1991  
East Timor      
British Commonwealth Occupation Force (Japan) 1945 1952 16,000
Peacekeeping 1947 2011  
Total     1,432,215



20100307 Laptop rollout.pdf
20111201 DVA Clients by Federal Electorate.pdf
20120523 College Participation.xls
20120527 Place of Enlistment - Brisbane.xls
20120603 Prototype.doc
20120603 Prototype.xls
Index Columban's Vietnam Veterans.xls
Index Columban's WW2 Veterans.xls


Electorates feeding STC No of Disability Pensioners  
Blair 1,380  
Dickson 1,419  
Fisher 1,328  
Longman 1,675  
Petrie 1,256  
  7,058 22.04%


Electorate Number of Disability Pensioners Average Age
Blair 1,380 64.05
Bonner 824 70.75
Bowman 1,083 69.31
Brisbane 575 66.95
Capricornia 704 68.89
Dawson 926 64.61
Dickson 1,419 61.03
Fadden 966 69.74
Fairfax 1,327 70.49
Fisher 1,328 70.78
Flynn 775 65.79
Forde 724 67.70
Griffith 571 72.51
Groom 1,236 65.69
Herbert 1,777 59.00
Hinkler 1,612 68.84
Kennedy 1,006 65.40
Leichardt 849 64.10
Lilley 1,104 70.73
Longman 1,675 66.92
Maranoa 947 68.33
McPherson 1,200 74.03
Moncrieff 1,010 74.36
Moreton 652 72.83
Oxley 732 62.65
Petrie 1,256 67.84
Rankin 690 65.12
Ryan 997 65.92
Wide Bay 1,609 69.07
Wright 1,065 64.09
Total 32,019