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I'm updating this site primarily to allow current students to participate in the determination process for the campaign medals for our fellow students killed in action.

Terry Fogarty
11th July 2014


Saint Columban's Past Students

Killed in Action - 25

World War 2   World War 2
Baartz John Edward   O'Dwyer A  
Baldwin John     O'Dwyer B  
Butler Ronald Francis   Pitchford William Michael
Cassidy Frederick Reginald   Raymer Kenneth Ronald
Doneley Austin Robert        
Doneley Adrian Roy        
Donoghue J     Korea
Douglas Henry Beirne   Healy Vincent Joseph
Fawcett J          
Green JM     Vietnam
Hooper Thomas Charles   Ashton William John
Howes K     Morrison Dayle William
Jones Cedric Neville   Suter Thomas  
Kenyon Terence James        
McQuillan Vincent Daniel   Afghanistan
Murphy Reginald Henry   Diddams Blaine Flowers


The table below is a "work in progress".

The "Hyperlinks to Nominal Roll Details" only includes the names where I have been able to match details from the college registers with the respective Nominal Rolls so as to positively identify the appropriate past student.

 There is no Nominal Roll for Afghanistan, as far as I am aware, but Blaine Diddams' details have been positively identified from information supplied by his family and from Defence Media Releases.

The "Hyperlinks to National Archives Files" includes files received from the National Archives. The remaining WW2 files will be ordered in the near future. They typically take upwards of one month to be processed. The files are necessary to determine the individual "Campaign Medal" entitlements for the appropriate past students in relation to the "Memorial blazers" program.

Terry Fogarty
14th June 2014


The "Excel File" below can be downloaded and used to determine the Campaign Medals and Gallantry Awards applicable to individual KIAs. You will also need to download the relevant Nominal Roll Details and the National Archives Files. The National Archives Files will be added when they are received.

Index KIA Medals.xls Note this file is fairly large and growing - about 23 MB

Summary page from above file is shown below:

  Medals Service Military Cross Distinguished Conduct Medal Mentioned in dispatches 1939-1945 Star Atlantic Star Air Crew Europe Star Artic Star Africa Star Pacific Star Burma Star Italy Star France and Germany Star Defence Medal War Medal 1939-1945 Australia Service Medal 1939-1945
Total Medals 53                                
Less QX6681 Doneley AR (Already acquired) 6                                
Net Total Medals Needed 47                                
404325 Baartz John Edward 4 RAAF       Yes                 Yes Yes Yes
QX5072 Baldwin John 4 Army       Yes         Yes         Yes Yes
426529 Butler Ronald Francis 2 RAAF                           Yes Yes
6732 Cassidy Frederick Reginald 4 RAAF       Yes         Yes         Yes Yes
QX6681 Doneley Adrian Roy 6 Army Yes   Yes Yes         Yes         Yes Yes
QX26624 Doneley Austin Robert 4 Army       Yes         Yes         Yes Yes
404562 Douglas Henry Beirne 2 RAAF                           Yes Yes
405843 Hooper Thomas Charles 3 RAAF                 Yes         Yes Yes
425858 Jones Cedric Neville 2 RAAF                           Yes Yes
426439 Kenyon Terence James 4 RAAF       Yes   Yes               Yes Yes
QX4682 McQuillan Vincent Daniel 5 Army   Yes   Yes       Yes           Yes Yes
404705 Murphy Reginald Henry 5 RAAF       Yes   Yes             Yes Yes Yes
QX52170 Pitchford William M 4 Army       Yes         Yes         Yes Yes
23177 Raymer Kenneth Ronald 4 RAAF       Yes         Yes         Yes Yes

Hyperlinks to Nominal Roll Details For: Hyperlinks to National Archives files for:
Ashton William John 1730888 Not needed
Baartz John Edward 404325 Baartz John Edward 404325
Baldwin John QX50752 Baldwin John QX50752
Butler Ronald Francis 426529 Butler Ronald Francis 426529
Cassidy Frederick Reginald 6732 Cassidy Frederick Reginald 6732
Doneley Adrian Roy QX6681 Doneley Adrian Roy QX6681
Doneley Austin Robert QX26624 Doneley Austin Robert QX26624
Douglas Henry Beirne 404562 Douglas Henry Beirne 404562
Healy Vincent Joseph 1341 Not needed
Hooper Thomas Charles 405483 Hooper Thomas Charles 405483
Jones Cedric Neville 425858 Jones Cedric Neville 425858.pdf
Kenyon Terence James 426439 Kenyon Terence James 426439
McQuillan Vincent Daniel QX4682 McQuillan Vincent Daniel QX4682
Morrison Dayle William 1732186 Not needed
Murphy Reginald Henry 404705 Murphy Reginald Henry 404705
Pitchford William Michael QX52170 Pitchford William Michael QX52170
Raymer Kenneth Ronald 23177 Raymer Kenneth Ronald 23177
Suter Thomas 17665 Not needed


Name Item
Cassidy Frederick Reginald 6732 Reg Cassidy Pilot -PDF File
Cassidy Frederick Reginald 6732 Reg Cassidy, Pilot - Internet hyperlink
McQuillan Vincent Daniel QX4682 2/6 Cavalry Commando Regiment Association - McQuillan V.D.
McQuillan Vincent Daniel QX4682 Families' grief over vandalised graves at Benghazi War Cemetery | The Courier-Mail


The photo below shows the plaque outside the Chapel at Caboolture.



I've developed this web site as a result of Saint Columban's invitation to its Vietnam Veterans' Past Students to attend as Guests at the College's 2011 commemoration of Anzac Day.

Hopefully it will foster an interest in researching and recording the military history of Saint Columban's Past Students.

There is no restriction on copying any of my material from this web site.


What Can be done?


The first thing that needs to be done is to identify which past students of Saint Columban's College have served their country in the military forces.


The Department of Veterans' Affairs has developed "Nominal Rolls" for many of the conflicts to which Australia has committed troops. The following hyperlink will allow you to access these Nominal Rolls: Nominal Rolls Australia The hyperlink is always available on the left hand side of web pages on this site.


To make an accurate identification from the Nominal Rolls you need as many of the items below as you can find:


  1. Surname

  2. First Name

  3. Second Name

  4. Date of Birth

Saint Columban's College has "Registers" with details of information about past students.


In its early days enrolment numbers were well below what they are today. But even so the registers probably contain tens of thousands of names.


It looks a very daunting task to review all this material and to convert the registers into a format that is easily accessible by many people. There is a large body of people who could help:


  1. Present Students

  2. Past Students

  3. Parents and Relatives

  4. Teachers

With many mobile phones having a good quality camera it should be possible to photograph the registers and have the photographs available on a web site. You can use this one if you need.


From: Rupert McCall []
Sent: Wednesday, 20 April 2011 9:17 PM
To: 'Terry Fogarty'; 'Frank McCullagh'
Subject: unfortunately...


Hi Terry & Frank


Unfortunately Iíve just learnt that my article will not appear in this Sundayís paper because our illustrator has been on holidays this week (his sketches go with my words)


Very disappointing because I submitted the story on Monday with the specific goal of Anzac Day in mind and I would have thought they could have found a generic illustration in the circumstancesÖbut thatís the way itís worked out sadly and thereís not much I can do about it


I have suggested to the paper that the story might appear some time later in the year Ė maybe Remembrance Day? Or is there a special date for the Vietnam Vets??


Anyway, I just thought I should extend the courtesy of letting you know. I was very happy with the way it came up and Iím sorry that it wonít be shared this weekend


Enjoy your Easter break




Rupert's article mentions Ben Schumack.
If I get advance warning of publication of the article I'll let the college know.

Terry Fogarty