Shep beats Brisbane City Council






I'm redeveloping this web site to reflect ongoing developments.

Most of the information previously on the web site is not currently on this site. It was mainly a large number of files (700?) associated with this case.

The current "state of play" is that I won the Magistrates Court case against the BCC. The BCC are overdue in paying the "costs" awarded against them by the Magistrate. This matter has been referred to the Magistrates Court who in turn have referred the matter to the State Debt Collection Registry. When I have further information in relation to this matter I will post it on this web site.

In my view, the decision of the magistrate, and the comments by her, support the view that the BCC has fabricated the charges against me.

There has been significant illegality committed by BCC officials in these matters.

I intend referring relevant issues to the CMC when the above matter is resolved.

If this does not remedy matters then other courses of action are open to me. There is, of course, no time limit on criminal matters.

Terry Fogarty