Deceased - Ninth Intake


Army  No Last Name First Name Cause of Death Date of Death Remarks
1733261 Arthur Desmond Clyde Lung Cancer 15-Dec-05 21-May-68 30-May-69 4RAR
1733278 Brandenburg Brian John 08-January-2012 7-Aug-68 11-Jun-69 2 AOD 
1733201 Cahill Francis Patrick Cancer 31-May-2004 1 BOD
1733145 Caplice John 23-December-2009
1733291 Coutts Anthony Patrick Suicide 31-August-1998 29-Jan-68 21-Jan-69 DET 131 DIV LOC BTY
1733181 Devine Andrew Leslie Lung cancer & cirrhosis of the liver 03-November-2000 21-May-68 30-May-69 4RAR
4719033 Ellul Charles 23-April-2010 21-May-68 15-March-69 4RAR
1733310 Finn Peter Vincent Heart Attack 31-Oct-07 21-May-68 to 19-May-69
1733311 Foley James Michael Lung Cancer 20-October-2016 1 ARU, 1 RAR
1733313 Gallagher Michael William 26-Aug-68 11-Jun-69 2AOD
1732885 Greenway Ashley Michael Heart attack due to post surgical pulmonary embolism 22-July-1998 21-May-68 30-May-69 4RAR
1733318 Groundwater Murray George Heart Attack 21-April-2013 21-May-68 30-May-69 4RAR
1733222 Hancock Desmond George  Motor Vehicle Accident 23-May-2013 21-May-68 30-May-69 4RAR
1733226 Hill Cedric Charles Cancer of Pancreas 31-March-2002 21-May-68 30-May-69 4RAR
1732977 Horn Peter  Lymphatic Cancer 24-November-2010 14-May-68 18-Mar-69 4RAR
1733336 Hudson Barry Raymond
1733340 Johnson Donald Thomas
1733231 Kelly Norman Desmond 26-March-1982 21-May-68 30-May-69 4RAR
4719326 Martin Dudley John Cancer of Pancreas 9-Feb-05 21-May-68 30-May-69 4RAR
1733238 Miller  Ronald Keith
1733368 O'Donohue Barry Michael Cancer 21/02/2015 21-May-68 30-May-69 4RAR
1733375 Petersen Victor Neils KIA SVN 16-February-1969 21-May-68 16-Feb-69 4RAR
1733376 Platz Rodney 2002? info by Norm Ross
1733378 Potter Jeffrey Artillery?
1733166 Pye Russell Leonard HEART ATTACK 18-Oct-06 25-Mar-68 26-Mar-69 104 SIG SQN
2787559 Rasmussen Col Cancer 13-March-1997
1733390 Schroder Harley Stanton  28-May-68 28-May-69  17th Construction Squadron 
1733247 Stevens Robert William  Parkinson's disease & suicide 15-April-2009 7-May-68 7-May-69   1st Field Squadron 
1733173 Sutton John Robert 04-Jun-68 30-May-69 4 RAR
1733401 Szegedi Louis Cancer 07-February-2013 30-Jul-68 28-Feb-69 1ARU & 1 RAR
1733251 Szepanowski Allan William 23-September-1998 21-May-68 30-May-69 4RAR
1733429 Watkins Russell John Cancer 19-August-1995 21-May-68 30-May-69 4RAR