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60s era Nashos started the current organisation.

They got over run by 50s era Nashos.

The extract below is from my web site and has been there for many years.


Nashos versus VESCAs

Barry Vicary started the National Servicemen's Association. He was helped during the first few months by Dennis Connon another VESCA. Barry then gathered a few willing workers, (which included me) to help him and his cause. After about 6 to 12 months, most of the workers departed as it all became too hard. Barry was a one man band, that is, he did most of the work himself. However, he didn't have a structured association, that is, there was no President, Treasurer or Secretary. As I was one of the few willing workers still hanging about, and along with Dennis I became the Secretary with Dennis being the Treasurer (sometimes it doesn't pay to hang about). At the time we had about 40 to 50 members Australia wide. Rev Noel Wallace a "KEN" wrote us a letter enquiring weather he could join our association. The rest, as they say is history.

After Barry's death in 1991 Dennis took over as President and I took on the dual roles as Treasurer and Secretary. After about 2 years of struggling we only had one sub branch, that was Brisbane. Brisbane later went on to become the State Branch which also included the National Office. Toowoomba then became the first Sub Branch of the newer association. Again, the rest is history.

Lawrie Asgill