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Letter from Brice Kaddatz

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9th Intake Reunion 2009

July 10th – 12th 2009.


VENUE : Thunderbird Park (Also known as “Cedar Creek Lodge”)

Cnr. Tamborine Mt Road & Cedar Creek Falls Rd

Tamborine Mountain. Qld. 4272.

Telephone 07 5545 1468


On Parade Troops….

Most, if not all, are aware that the DPI conference centre at Gympie, where we have held the last two reunions, was closed in September 2008.


Following consideration of several options, inspection of the facility, and supported by positive comment from those who have been there, Thunderbird Park at Tamborine Mountain has been booked for the 2009 reunion.


A very good range of accommodation is available. The owner has reserved 28 rooms for us. These are from Frog, Platypus and Wallaby Lodges. These lodges are situated in close proximity to each other and are nicely set up to accommodate small clusters on patios or in spacious well appointed, self contained rooms. Go to for a good insight into the accommodation.


If any one has a strong preference, other alternatives are available. Note that the Lorikeet and Mill Lodges are already booked.


Room rates for twin share are listed. Additional persons sharing the room are $49.00 per person per night. The room rates include a BBQ buffet breakfast.


Official events will be the usual Saturday lunch welcome BBQ, and the reunion dinner on Saturday evening. The dinner will be held in the “Ivory Jack” room which is exclusively designated to us for the event. $40 per person has been allowed for the dinner and the BBQ lunch is $25.00.


Refreshments : Private refreshments are permitted in the accommodation and immediate precincts. Refreshments with lunch and dinner must be served by the establishment. It has been requested that this policy be strictly adhered to. Those refreshments are at the individual’s cost.


We have undertaken to coordinate the bookings, which must be finalized and paid for by April 30th. To that end it is requested that all bookings and payments be in my hands NOT LATER than April 24th. 2009.


A registration form has been prepared as usual. Please complete the form in full and forward to me by the due date, with payment enclosed. An EFT option is available for any who cannot provide a personal or bank cheque.


You will note that the booking form has an admin charge of $10.00 per person. This will be retained by the group to cover out of pocket expenses, postage etc. This is necessary, as the kitty held over from 2005 was expended at the 40th Anniversary reunion in 2007.


Every one spoken to is looking forward to getting together again. A reminder to personally encourage any who have not yet attended one of our reunions.


Looking forward to the big weekend,


Brice Kaddatz.

Ph. 07 54821593   Mob. 0438 861198

E-mail :

11 Atkinson Road,

Araluen. Gympie.

Qld. 4570.




9th Intake Reunion Register

Accommodation & Functions : July 10th – 12th, 2009.


Participants Name(s)…………………………………………………………




& Breakfast


per Night







Total Cost

Premium Room


(+ $49.00)





Superior Room


(+ $49.00)





Deluxe Room

& Spa







Other – Nominate










Cost per Person

Number Attending

Total Cost

Sat BBQ Lunch 1200 hrs




Reunion Dinner 1900 hrs









Total Payment Tendered



Cheques payable to….. F.J. Kaddatz

Direct debit to : NAB Gympie ; BSB 084 691  Acc 79 - 802 - 7287


Special diet or other requirements :




Return To:

Mr. Brice Kaddatz                       

11 Atkinson Road                          Ph.    07 54821593

Araluen.                                          Mob. 0438 861198

Gympie. Qld. 4570                         e-mail :


Note from Terry Fogarty


As we did in 2005 and 2007 Brice and I are splitting the work load.


Brice is doing everything except the mailing (and emailing). Brice has already put in considerable effort in locating the new venue. The venue’s requirement is to have the monies paid in full by the end of April 2009. We can’t do anything about that so your cooperation will be appreciated. If that presents a difficulty please advise Brice.


At Gympie the majority of rooms were individual rooms. At this venue the minimum charge is for the room (i.e. two people). To overcome this and pay a single rate you will need to advise Brice. Work on half the higher price (Half of $199.00 i.e. $99.50 per night. The $49.00 price on the registration form refers to the charge for the 3rd and 4th persons in a room.


All of the information should be on their web site.

If you don’t have the internet ring or write to them and ask them to post you a brochure.


Contact details are:


Thunderbird Park (Also known as “Cedar Creek Lodge”)

Cnr. Tamborine Mt Road & Cedar Creek Falls Rd

Tamborine Mountain. Qld. 4272.

Telephone 07 5545 1468



I’ll use the first mail out to update the name and address list. I have changed a number of addresses from information people have sent me since the 2007 reunion.


I’ll send out an updated list in the second or third mail out.


The intention is to have three mail outs:


  • February

  • April

  • June


Terry Fogarty

16 Mann Avenue

Northgate Qld 4013


Telephone: (07) 3266 6636

Mobile: 0419 668 197


Alternative Email: