How Many Surviving Vietnam Veterans?


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Subject: How many Vietnam veterans are alive?


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Subject:  Draft reply - How many Vietnam veterans are alive?

Good morning Allen,


Our stats team has offered the following answer to your question. 


Although you are right in saying that the difference between the 32,459  (disability pensioners) and 47,100 (estimated Vietnam veteran survivors)  is the number of Vietnam veterans not receiving a disability pension payment,  it is important

to note the following:

  • The Department only has information on Vietnam veterans who lodge a claim, therefore the Department carries out demographic modelling to estimate the number of survivors from various conflicts based on a number of assumptions.  As at June 2011 the Department estimates that there are 47,100 surviving Vietnam veterans.

  • The attached page showing 32,459 Vietnam veterans receiving disability pension is an extract from the March 2011 DVA Pensioner Summary and represents the number of Vietnam veterans receiving a payment of disability pension, where the veterans' Vietnam service is their first service (as noted at the bottom of the page).  Therefore any Vietnam veteran with a disability attributed to a conflict prior to Vietnam will not be included in the 32,459 figure.   For example, if a veteran served in World War 2 and also Vietnam, he is not included in the 32,459. 

  • That Vietnam veterans not receiving disability pension may be receiving other benefits from the Department such as income support or a gold card on the basis that they are 70 years or older and have qualifying service (either from Vietnam or another conflict). 

For the most up-to-date statistical publications can be located on the Department's website at


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Liz can you or someone  at DVA reconcile the number of surviving Vietnam Veterans shown in Table 10

Disability Pensioners by Rate and Conflict - March 2011 (attached)... figure shown is 32459  with the 47100 Vietnam veterans shown on  Page 311 of the Department's Annual Report and website.. is the difference in figures (quantum) simply the fact that 14641 Vietnam veterans are receiving no disability payments whatsoever from DVA??

thank you....Allen


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Maybe the table below is the one everyone should be looking at?


Page 311 of 2010-2011 Annual Report available from DVA web site.cid:image001.png@01CCBA88.846F5870


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