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For purposes of the “heaven address” web site “Australia Defence Community” embraces currently serving members of the ADF, veterans, former serving members of the ADF, and families and descendants of those people.


Memorial entries can be created in the following ways:


  1. By funeral directors.
  2. By “heaven address” searches.
  3. By fellow veterans or fellow serving members.
  4. By family members of the “Australia Defence Community”.
  5. By descendants of the “Australia Defence Community”.
  6. By lists such as the “Mortality Files” for Australia’s Vietnam Veterans.


To create an entry use the hyperlink below:

Heaven Address > Home


The four steps are fairly easy to follow but I’ll make some notes relative to creating an entry in the “Australia Defence Community”.


“heaven address” have waived the normal fee for privately created memorial entries in the “Australia Defence Community”.


Australia Defence Community


This is the screen you will see when you go to the “heaven address” home page.


Click on the “Start Now” button.



This is the next screen you will see.

Fairly easy.

If you have “Windows” you should be able to use the “Calculator” to calculate the person’s age.



This is the next page.

It may be easier to type your obituary message in “Word” or something similar and then copy and paste it into the “Obituary Message:” section.

Do similar for “Funeral Service Details:”

These sections only accept text.



This is the next page.

For “Relation to Deceased” you must enter something. I use “Fellow Veteran”.



This is the last page.

Click the bottom item “No – waive fee”

You must then enter the security code.

It will be different to the one shown here.

“heaven address” staff check the entries before they go onto the web site.
If they need to they will contact you, by email usually.


After your Memorial Page has been created you can add photos etc to it.