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"heavenaddress" has used the "Mortality Files" since early 2011.


The reason for approaching "heavenaddress" was to see if they were interested in providing an "Online Funeral Notices" service for Australia's Military Veterans. DVA who receive all the information in a timely manner have declined to provide this service for the Defence Community.


Derek Goh, the Managing Director, has very generously agreed to this. Most of Australia's funeral industry already uses "heavenaddress". A significant redesign of parts of their input process is needed to implement the "Online Funeral Notices" and this will take some time. However the process is already underway. Importantly there is no cost to the veteran community.


The "heavenaddress" concept allows for individuals to add photographs, tributes etc to individual entries.


The term "Australian Defence Community" is the preferred choice of the Royal Australian Regiment Corporation. There is no formal definition of who is eligible to be included in our Community. HeavenAddress staff vet every input and if they have any doubts they refer them to me. However the "Australian Defence Community" is intended to embrace a wider group than the "Mortality files" do. The "Mortality Files" were established by Tony Scroope and the late Geoff Olney in relation to an "Agent "Orange" court case.


The "Mortality Files" have relied on information provided to them. The detail has often been less than what a funeral director would require. Exact dates of death have not been provided. When Tony and Geoff started there was no Nominal Roll.


HeavenAddress Address adapted our files for their process. To facilitate this they have made some assumptions which produce errors. In time these will be corrected. Dates of Death which show only a year in records of the "Mortality Files" have been converted to 1st January for that year. A consequential error could be that age at death is incorrect by one year. "Place of Birth" was not shown on the floppy disk version of the Nominal Roll but is shown in the online version. HeavenAddress have used "Australia" as the place of birth for all conversion to its system.


Where we are advised of corrections we will make them and advise HeavenAddress Address.


HeavenAddress has spent years in Google/Yahoo/Bing search optimisation in particular with  "Google" and searches for names which are on their site appear at the top of the result list.


 Where people approach HeavenAddress in relation to errors they refer the matters to me and so both sets of records are corrected.


Terry Fogarty

23 May 2011