Reply below received since material posted to Qld AG:

20081003 from Neil Roberts.pdf

20081204 from Qld AG 300dpi.pdf

Queensland Attorney General

20080911 to Qld AG Letter.doc
20080911 to Qld AG Major Summary.doc
20080501 From Qld CMC.pdf

Tilbrook to AFV

20080911 Summary - Tilbrook to AFV.doc
Services Offered.pdf

FOI Repat Barrister

20080911 Summary FOI Repat Barrister.doc
20070212 DVA Barrister to Writeway.pdf

OFT to Grahame Wheeler

20080911 Summary OFT to Grahame Wheeler.doc
20071025 from OFT.pdf
20071102 GW to OFT.doc
20010130 OFT to Tilbrook.pdf
20010207 Tilbrook to DVA Cahill.pdf
20010207 Writeway to OFT Camilleri.pdf

VEA Material

20080911 Summary VEA Material.doc
Consent declaration.doc
17  Investigation by the Secretary.doc
19A  Refusal to undergo medical examination etc.doc
24  Special rate of pension.doc
119  Commission not bound by technicalities.doc
120  Standard of proof.doc
128  Secretary may obtain information etc.doc

Misc Corres

20080911 Summary Misc Corres.doc
20080328 To All Federal Politicians MHRs.doc
20080330 To Neil Roberts Qld MP.doc
20080402 from Neil Roberts Qld .pdf
20080501 From Qld CMC.pdf