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Graham MacLeod's Research


Graham's material arrived today. All I've done so far is scan it and have a quick browse through it.

Terry Fogarty

Ombudsman 1989-90.pdf   (3,830kb)
Administrative Review Council 1990-91.pdf   (443kb)


Graham telephoned me today. He hasn't been well lately. He's posting relevant pages from the 1989-90 Ombudsman's Report to me, so when I get them I'll scan them and include them on the web site. It may be around the 14th or 15th of February before I get them up.

Terry Fogarty


Graham has been sorting his 30 years of records during the election campaign. He's currently in between ISPs. He will be sending me more reports to scan and include on this site.


He's keen to have these reports widely circulated so please feel free to copy and distribute, including placing them on your web site.


Terry Fogarty



Graham still has to "proof read" the material that I have scanned and converted to "Microsoft Word" format (with the exception of the "Toose" report summary which is in "pdf" format).

His two reports predate important court cases - Bushell, Byrnes & the two Deledio cases.

They also predate the introduction of the "SOP" system.

In time, I think he will write a short commentary on these matters.

Terry Fogarty



Graham's Title File name Date Pages Size kb
  197506 Toose Summary.pdf 1/06/1975 8 3,406
  19920702 All.doc  2/07/1992 43 720
  19940629 to RSL WA.doc 29/06/1994 1 22
  19940710 to RSL National.doc 10/07/1994 4 73
  19940805 to RSL National.doc 5/08/1994 4 69



I've included a copy of an email from Graham to me.


The highlighted material was of most interest to me because it shows there a third independent research efforts that show that DVA/Repatriation Commission and associated entities are not applying the relevant case law. That is the report of the Ombudsman referred to by Graham.



From: birddog [mailto:birddog@smartchat.net.au]
Sent: Saturday, 20 October 2007 4:06 PM
To: Terence Fogarty
Subject: Re: OCR


Acknowledged with thanks Terry.

The reason I asked if you'd read through the largest document was because I'm interested to know your personal reaction to the contents.


For example; the comment which WA RSL State President Lt. Col. Ken Bladen made to me about the content of my 43 page document (his copy of which was festooned with strips of paper and green highlight markings of numerous aspects) was "If even only ten percent of what you've written in this document is actually true, then we are all in deep trouble."


His comment was made to me during 1998 in his office at the WA RSL headquarters in Perth.


I was there that day for a meeting with him and a number of other people (including the Secretary of the Western Australian Branch of The Australian Pensioners League and an 'Electorate Officer' from the WA Greens office of the Hon. Giz Watson MLA) with a view to forming a special committee to review the issues which I'd been attempting to raise and which I had discussed much earlier that morning (about 0600 HOURS Western Standard Time) on an Australia-wide broadcast of the Channel Nine TODAY television programme.

At his personal request, I had somewhat earlier provided Ken Bladen with copies of my two 1992 research documents.

Both documents were on his desk in his office while I was there and both documents were festooned with paper place-marking strips and green highlighting marks.


The subsequent meeting resolved to form the committee which had been proposed.


Before that happened (and within only a few days of the meeting) I was informed that a Special Meeting of the WA RSL Executive had resolved to refuse to have anything further to do with Graham MacLeod (on instruction from the RSL National Executive).


During the next few days I will dig out the specific 1980s Annual Report of the Commonwealth and Defence Force Ombudsman to which I referred in my earlier comments.


I will photocopy the front cover and relevant inside page or pages in which he made his complaint/comments about the various Federal Government Departments which were ignoring legal precedents set by decisions made by various Australian courts.


I will then send the copies to you.


I think I previously neglected to inform you that that particular Ombudsman disappeared from that job within only about six months of the comments which he'd made.