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Outgoing Correspondence from Terry Fogarty Incoming Correspondence to Terry Fogarty
Formal Complaint AB.doc  
Formal Complaint Execs.doc From Mark Sullivan.pdf

Mark Sullivan Reply 20Nov06.pdf

From M Sullivan 12Dec06.pdf

Formal Complaint Greens.doc 20070313 From Aust Greens.pdf
Formal Complaint PM.doc 20070410 Reply from PM.pdf

20070427 Reply from PM's Office.pdf

20070512 Reply to Tony Smith.doc  
20070512 Reply to Alex Anderson.doc  
20070520 To AAT President.doc 20070530 From AAT President.pdf
  20070612 from AAT President.pdf
20070522 To VRB Principal Member.doc 20070525 from VRB.pdf
20070603 To AAT President.pdf Comment on Bruce Topperwain's Reply.doc


Questions for the PM

Write an ordinary mail (Snail Mail) letter to the Politicians for whom you can vote:

  1. Your MHR (1)

  2. Your State's Senators (12)

Send a copy of my letter with a simple request such as " As a constituent of yours I would like you to consider the matters raised in the attached letter."


Be polite and thank them.


I've left the "Mail merge" features in the letters. You may be able to use them with the "csv" files immediately below them.


20070528 To All Federal Politicians MHRs.doc

PartyRepscsv.csv (Can be used for mail merge)

20070528 To All Federal Politicians Senators.doc

allsenparty.csv (Can be used for mail merge)

You may like to read the files below
General Introduction.doc
Quick Summary.doc


Letters from Politicians

1 20070531 from Kay Elson MP.pdf  
2 20070604 From Senator Trood.pdf  
3 20070605 From Senator Faulkner.pdf  
4 20070606 From Julie Bishop.pdf  
5 20070606 From Senator Bernardi.pdf  
6 20070604 from Dr Stone.pdf  
7 20070606 from Senator Macdonald.pdf  
8 20070607 From Peter McGauran.pdf  
9 20070607 from Senator Chapman.pdf  
10 20070607 from Senator Fifield.pdf  
11 20070613 From Wilson Tuckey.doc  
12 20070612 from Philip Ruddock.pdf  
13 20070613 from Senator Minchin.pdf  
14 20070614 from Kevin Rudd.pdf  
15 20070614 from Treasurer.pdf  
16 20070615 from Kevin Andrews.pdf  
17 20070616 from Senator Lightfoot.pdf 20070620 Reply to Senator Lightfoot.doc
18 20070618 from Senator Heffernan.pdf  
19 20070618 From Senator Fifield.pdf 20070905 from Senator Fifield.pdf
20 20070619 From Teresa Gamboro.pdf 20070806 from Teresa Gambaro.pdf
21 20070622 from Senator Nash.pdf  
22 20070708 from Senator Boyce.pdf  
23 20070620 from Senator Stephens.pdf  
24 20070620 from David Hawker.pdf  
25 20070629 from De-Anne Kelly.pdf  
26 20070629 from Senator Sterle.pdf  
27 20070702 from Senator Fielding.pdf  
28 20070702 from Louise Markus.pdf 20070822 from Louise Markus.pdf
29 20070709 from Senator Brown.htm  
30 20070709 from Senator Milne.htm  
31 20070705 from Senator Eggleston.pdf  
32 20070716 from Alan Cadman.pdf  
33 20070710 from Bob Katter.pdf  
34 20070716 from Wayne Swan.pdf  
35 20070718 from Senator Brandis.pdf  
36 20070807 from Judi Moylan.pdf  
37 20070801 from Senator Ludwig.pdf  

Telephone Calls / Emails from Politicians' Staff:

  1. Senator Andrew Bartlett

  2. Allan Griffin

  3. Senator Kerry O'Brien

  4. Senator Clare Moore

Analysis of replies below.


7th September, 2007


Medium Hyperlink House Party State My Vote        
Mail 20070531 from Kay Elson MP.pdf MHR Liberal Qld No   Letters Sent 225 100%
Mail 20070604 from Dr Stone.pdf MHR Liberal Vic No   Total Replies 44 20%
Mail 20070604 From Senator Trood.pdf Senate Liberal Qld Yes        
Mail 20070605 From Senator Faulkner.pdf Senate ALP NSW No     Replies  
Mail 20070606 From Julie Bishop.pdf MHR Liberal WA No   Total Replies 44 100%
Mail 20070606 From Senator Bernardi.pdf Senate Liberal SA No   Liberal 27 61%
Mail 20070606 from Senator Macdonald.pdf Senate Liberal Qld Yes   Nationals 3 7%
Mail 20070607 From Peter McGauran.pdf MHR Nationals Vic No   ALP 9 20%
Mail 20070607 from Senator Chapman.pdf Senate Liberal SA No   Democrats 1 2%
Mail 20070607 from Senator Fifield.pdf Senate Liberal Vic No   Family First 1 2%
Mail 20070613 From Wilson Tuckey.doc MHR Liberal WA No   Greens 2 5%
Mail 20070612 from Philip Ruddock.pdf MHR Liberal NSW No   Independent 1 2%
Mail 20070613 from Senator Minchin.pdf Senate Liberal SA No        
Mail 20070614 from Kevin Rudd.pdf MHR ALP Qld No        
Mail 20070614 from Treasurer.pdf MHR Liberal Vic No   My Vote 8 (Maximum 13)
Mail 20070615 from Kevin Andrews.pdf MHR Liberal Vic No        
Mail 20070616 from Senator Lightfoot.pdf Senate Liberal WA No   Government 30 68%
Mail 20070618 from Senator Heffernan.pdf Senate Liberal NSW No   Non Govt 14 32%
Mail 20070618 From Senator Fifield.pdf Senate Liberal Vic No     44 100%
Mail 20070708 from Senator Boyce.pdf Senate Liberal Qld Yes        
Mail 20070622 from Senator Nash.pdf Senate Nationals NSW No        
Mail 20070619 From Teresa Gamboro.pdf MHR Liberal Qld No        
Mail 20070620 from Senator Stephens.pdf Senate ALP NSW No        
Mail 20070620 from David Hawker.pdf MHR Liberal Vic No        
Mail 20070629 from De-Anne Kelly.pdf MHR Nationals Qld No        
Mail 20070629 from Senator Sterle.pdf Senate ALP WA No        
Mail 20070702 from Senator Fielding.pdf Senate Family First Vic No        
Mail 20070702 from Louise Markus.pdf MHR Liberal NSW No        
Mail 20070705 from Senator Eggleston.pdf Senate Liberal WA No        
Mail 20070716 from Alan Cadman.pdf MHR Liberal NSW No        
Mail 20070710 from Bob Katter.pdf MHR Independent Qld No        
Mail 20070716 from Wayne Swan.pdf MHR ALP Qld Yes        
Mail 20070807 from Judi Moylan.pdf MHR Liberal WA No        
Mail 20070718 from Senator Brandis.pdf Senate Liberal Qld Yes        
Mail 20070806 from Teresa Gambaro.pdf MHR Liberal Qld No 2nd letter      
Mail 20070801 from Senator Ludwig.pdf Senate ALP Qld Yes        
Mail 20070822 from Louise Markus.pdf MHR Liberal NSW No 2nd letter      
Mail 20070905 from Senator Fifield.pdf Senate Liberal Vic No 2nd letter      
Email 20070709 from Senator Brown.htm Senate Greens Tas No        
Email 20070709 from Senator Milne.htm Senate Greens Tas No        
Email Senator Andrew Bartlett Senate Democrats Qld Yes        
Telephone Senator Kerry O'Brien Senate ALP Tas No        
Telephone Senator Clare Moore Senate ALP Qld Yes        
Telephone Allan Griffin MHR ALP Vic No        


From: McPate, Tracee (Sen A. Bartlett) [mailto:Tracee.McPate@aph.gov.au]
Sent: Friday, 22 June 2007 11:48 AM
To: Terry Fogarty
Subject: Letter to Justice Minister


Hi Terry,


Just to let you know, Senator Bartlett has prepared and signed the cover letter for the Justice Minister and it will be in the mail today.




Tracee McPate, Adviser

Office of Senator Andrew Bartlett
Suite 14B1, 7/421 Brunswick Street

ph:       07 3252 7101
fax:      07 3252 8957
mobile: 0417 607 655
email:   tracee.mcpate@aph.gov.au

Web: http://www.andrewbartlett.com


20070617 Formal Complaint AB.doc

20070617 Formal Complaint Justice Minister.doc

20071002 From Justice Minister.pdf
Into Battle.doc


Graham MacLeod




To GG.doc
BBD Dot Point.doc
Correct Application of Section 120(1) - Part 1.doc
Correct Application of Section 120(1) - Part 2.doc
Editorial - Victorian police royal commission overdue.doc
GG Speech s20061006162.pdf
20071011 from GG.pdf


High Court Cases
Federal Court Cases
Ena Mavis Deledio v Repatriation Commission (1997)
Repatriation Commission v Ena Mavis Deledio (1998)



AAT Analysis.xls